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Bhartiya Group is in international trading since 1927. Bhartiya Vehicles & Engineering Co. Ltd. was established in 1984 to undertake manufacturing activities of the group. Bhartiya Vehicles & Engineering Co. Ltd. In 1982 and subsequently approved its Phased Manufacturing Programme. Bhartiya Vehicles and Engg. Co. Ltd. Started commercial production of Crash Fire Tenders in 1987. The company is also representing M/s. Rosenbauer International AG, Austria, who are the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of fire fighting equipment.

With over 1,000 employees, a history of more than 80 years, a built up area of 2200sq.mtrs with a land area of 20,000sq. mtrs located at prime industrial location at Sahibabad in U.P. near New Delhi. World class air separation plant, air compressor system, gas air compressor, Cryogenic Oxygen/Nitrogen plants and equipment. It has all the latest facilities available in its machine shop, assembly shop and fabrication shop..

Oxygen Factory India


Bhartiya Cryogas

Bhartiya Vehicles &
Engineering Co. Ltd.

Crash Fire Tenders

During 1963 our association with M/s. Motokov, F.T.C., Czechoslovakia for sale of Karosa made Crash Fire Tenders commenced, culminating in commencement of its production in India under close Czechoslovakian supervision and warranties for the consumers.

Bhartiya Cryogenic
Oxygen Plant

Cryogenic Oxygen Gas Plant Suppliers

A division of Bhartiya Vehicles & Engineering Co. Ltd, Bhartiya Cryogas was set up in the premises of BVEL in the year 2006 to venture into the world of, “design, fabrication, testing, shipment and commissioning of Cryogenic/PSA Oxygen/Nitrogen, Acetylene, Nitrous Oxide and CO2 plants etc. at customer’s factory site”, so as to be the flag-bearer of such SME in India.

Ghibellines Security
Solutions Ltd.

Security Division

With demonstrable achievements in the field of aviation safety, and the protection of property and life, the people behind the Bhartiya Group have launched Ghibellines Security Solutions - a company for complete protection and security services.


Oxygen Generation Plant

Oxygen Generation Plant We have made tremendous progress in the field of manufacturing highest quality cryogenic Oxygen/Nitrogen, oxygen machine, oxygen factory, Acetylene plants, nitrous oxide plants, CO2 plants and PSA oxygen generator. We are indeed gifted with some of the finest professionals in this field coupled with an excellent foundation. We have reinforced the latest accomplishment facilities blended with sublime industrial capability. By asset of these versatile possibilities, we have recognized ourselves as the only manufacturer of 100% liquid cryogenic Oxygen/Nitrogen plants in India and have supplied several of these plants to our important customers in Middle East, UK and Latin American countries.

Oxygen Factory

Oxygen Factory India Bhartiya Cryogas is the only Fabricator of oxygen/nitrogen plants who has acquitted themselves that the distinction of being the designer, fabricator, containerization of the oxygen plant, oxygen factory, oxygen machine and associated equipment at their own factory site to facilitate easy transportation (shipment) followed by deploying their own vastly experienced and qualified Engineers to travel to the customer's site and help the customer in the supervision of the complete erection and commissioning of the plant to prove the plant production worthy fulfilling all the technical parameters (specifications) including the capacity/cylinder filling per day, purity etc.

Clients Testimonials

  • On behalf of our client (BelAir Manufacturing Co. Ltd), Greenfuture is pleased to certify that the high tech BA-50 acetylene plant model and Cryogenic Low Pressure Oxygen/Nitrogen Plant model BOT-8 manufactured by Bhartiya Cryogas (Divison of Bhartiya Vehicles and Engineering Co. Ltd) has been installed and commissioned successfully.

    Dr. Muhammad Nasidi
    Managing partner - Greenfuture Development Co. Ltd.
    Kontagora, Nigeria.

  • Logo Investment Limited is pleased to certify that the Cryogenic Low Pressure Oxygen/Nitrogen Plant Model BOT-80 manufactured by Bhartiya Cryogas (Division of Bhartiya Vehicles & Engineering Co.Ltd.) has been installed and commissioned successfully.

    Nadabo Chanchangi
    CEO - Logo Investment Ltd.
    Kaduna, Nigeria.

  • I am delighted to inform you that our Cryogenic Oxygen Gas Plant Model BO 80 was successfully Commissioned by Bhartiya Group.

    Managing Director/CEO
    Oxygen Manufacturing Company Limited.

  • Congratulate the excellent work of Air Commodore Pranab Kumar Dutt and Eng. Anil Ved Prakash Mehta during the installation and commissioning of our cryogenic oxygen plant Bhartiya BO-200L.

    Alejandro Alonso Calzato
    CEO - Compania Paraguava de Oxigeno
    South Africa.

  • Bhartiya Cryogas has been commissioned at our site Lubumbashi DRC by Mr.Ravi Tyagi. We are fully satisfied with the quality and excellent performance of the cryogenic oxygen plants.


  • I have witnessed complete erection and commissioning of the plant and its normal running and I am fully satisfied with the quality and performance of the cryogenic oxygen plant which is working satisfactorily.

    Ricardo Visbal Reyes
    M/s Industrias Metalicas Verbal Ltd
    Barranquilla, Colombia.

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