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Air Separation Plant

Manufacturer and Supplier of Air Separation Plant. Air separation plant separates the oxygen, nitrogen and other useful gases by liquefying and rectificating the air.

How Air Separation Plant Works

Feed air is sucked into the air filter from the atmosphere, where the contents of dust and other mechanical impurities are being removed, before entering an oil-free air compressor, and through two stage compression, it is pressurized up to a pressure of ~1.2MPa (Gauge); upon being cooled in the after-cooler, it enters the pre-cooling unit where it is pre-cooled to a temperature of 8~10ºC, before being inlet to a switch-over molecular sieve adsorption unit, where the contents of moisture, CO2, hydrocarbons in the air are being adsorbed. Molecular sieve adsorption unit is made up of two vessels filled with molecular sieve: when one vessel is working, the other is being regenerated in an electrical heater for its molecular sieve by the waste nitrogen from the cold box.

The purified air is separated into two parts: One part enters the main heat exchanger, Then it is cooled by expanded hypo thermal air. The other part is cooled to some temperature in the high-pressure Vaporizer of LOX .Two parts of air mixed in the main heat exchanger.

It is cooled furtherly then reaches to some degree of moisture before it enters oxygen distillation column (air separation column). The air becomes into liquefied air in oxygen column through sub-cooler and throttling valve, the liquefied air of the bottom of oxygen column enters the condenser inside the top of oxygen column. As reflux, oxygen enriched gas air vaporized by condenser is drawn out of the top of oxygen column and reheated to a temperature of -141ºC within the main heat exchanger through liquefied air sub-cooler. The most part enters expansion turbine for expansion and refrigeration. The expanded oxygen enriched gas air comes back to cold part of the main heat exchanger. It is reheated to a temperature of about 13 ºC in the main heat exchanger and then drawn out of the cold box. It is also used as regenerated air of Molecular sieve adsorption unit.

Some specified quantity of LOX is drawn into the liquid oxygen pump from bottom of oxygen column. After increasing pressure, LOX is sent to user through high-pressure Vaporizer of liquefied oxygen reheating.

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How We use Air Separation Plant for separating gases in Bhartiya Group.

Air Separation Plant Manufacturer

Air consists of mixture of gases o2, n2, argon and CO2, helium, neon and other rare gases with presence of moisture.

Air separation plant is a process to separate and manufacture commercially the major constituent gases present in air like o2, n2 and argon and other rare gases.

The content of these gases are:-

Air Separation Plant

Bhartiya Cryogas supply a complete set of Air Separation Plant, including the complete set of components and auxiliaries, piping's, vales (with paired flanges) and the base plate, supports, anchor bolts, nuts and inlet/outlet paired flanges of each component and also the piping's, valves and pipe fittings within the cold box. The air separation plant supplied by Bhartiya Cryogas involves two processes:-


Air Separation Plant Process and Description

The air separation plant supplied by Bhartiya Cryogas will be of a process with the booster turbo-expander unit, the molecular sieve air purification system. The process is detailed as follows:

  • Air compress system
  • Air Pre-cooling system
  • Adsorber adsorption and regeneration system
  • Cold box
  • Turbo-expander system.

Air Separation Plants



The Compressed and Purified Air from Air Compressor and Skid Mounted equipments is expanded and liquefied in this process by expansion and cooling in an Expansion Engine and Expansion valves in medium pressure.(40 kgs/cm2 to 50 kgs/cm2.).

The expanded and cooled air from expansion engine and expansion valves will enter the lower part of the distillation column. The air as mostly in Liquid state. The Oxygen and Nitrogen have different boiling points.

Since Nitrogen is more volatile is drawn out of the distillation column in Vapour form and Oxygen is less volatile will be collected in condenser. The liquid Oxygen pumped at 150/200kgs/cm2 and filled in cylinders.

Air Separation Plant