Low Pressure Cylinder filling Oxygen/Nitrogen Plants

Salient Features

We have made tremendous progress in the field of manufacturing highest quality Cryogenic Oxygen/Nitrogen and Acetylene plants. We are indeed gifted with some of the finest professionals in this field coupled with an excellent infrastructure. We have built up most modern manufacturing facilities blended with sublime technical expertise. By virtue of these multifaceted potentials, we have established ourselves as the manufacturer of Low Pressure Oxygen/Nitrogen plant with Rotary Screw Compressors in our Air Separation Plants operating at a working pressure of 6 to 8 bar using Rotary Screw type Air Compressors and very highly efficient Air Separation Column. These Low Pressure Technology Oxygen/Nitrogen plants comes with a very competitive and Affordable prices.

Manufacturing Process

Air Compressor

Compression of Atmospheric Air By Air Compressor

Air is compressed at a very pressure of 5-7 bar (kg/cm2 by trouble free rotary compressor (Screw / Centrifugal Type). The Air enters the suction air filter and after being removed of dust and other mechanical contaminants in it, it is compressed to the pressure of 0.8MPa by the Air compressor. Air from the air compressor is cooled to 10oc in the air precooling system and separated condensing water in water separator. After the water being separated its condensed water, taken into the molecular sieve adsorber for removing H2O, C2H2 and CO2 Pre Cooling System:- The second stage of the process uses a low pressure refrigerant for pre-cooling the processed air to temperature around 12 deg C before it enters the purifier.

Purification of Air By Purifier

The air enters a purifier consisting of twin Molecular Sieve driers, working alternatively. The molecular sieves remove the carbon dioxide & moisture from the processed air before the air enters air separation unit.

Cooling of Air By Expander (Turbo)

The air has to be cooled to sub zero temperatures for liquefaction & the cryogenic refrigeration & the cooling is provided by highly efficient turbo expander, which cools the air to temperature almost below -165 to-170 deg C.

Air Separation Column

Separation Of Liquid Air Into Oxygen And Nitrogen By Air Separation Column

Oil free, moisture free and Carbon Dioxide free air enters into low pressure fin type Heat Exchanger where the air is cooled below sub zero temperatures by air expansion process in the turbo expan der. Air gets liquefied when it enters the air separation column & gets separated into oxygen & nitrogen by the process of rectification. Oxygen is available at the outlet of the ASU at a purity of 99.6%. Nitrogen is also available at the outlet as a second product at purity of 99.9% upto 3ppm simultaneously without loss of oxygen product.

Liquid Oxygen Plant

Compression of Oxygen And Filling of Oxygen In Cylinders

The final product in the form compressed oxygen / nitrogen goes to the high pressure oxygen cylinders at 150 bar or upto higher as required.

Main components of the plant

  • Air Compressor: “Oil Free” Rotary Screw Compressor with operating Pressure of 6 BAR to 10 BAR
  • Pre cooling system: Air separation plants adopts chilling system in all air pre-cooling systems.
  • Air purification system: This system beds of molecular sieve are used in the air purification system, it remove the Co2 & moisture for the process air at low-pressure.
  • Cold Box: The unit is supplied as a packed unit complete with all the control systems including digital flow-meters, temperature, Online Analyzer. This unit comes with plate and fin exchanger, condenser and sub-coolers.
  • Air Compressor
  • Turbo-expander: Turbo-expander is used for giving cooling to the air for the liquefaction process and braked by booster, so as to reduce the expanded air column stabilize the upper columns working condition and reduce power consumption. The turbine expander have complete trouble free working and long life and reliability.

Technical Specification

Oxygen Purity: 99.6%
Nitrogen Purity: 99.9%-99.99%
Operating Air Pressure: 0.6 to 0.7Mpa

Model Oxygen Capacity No. of O2 Cylinders per day* Nitrogen Capacity No. of N2 Cylinders per day*
BOT-50 50 Nm3/hr 160 60Nm3/hr 320
BOT-80 80 Nm3/hr 320 100 Nm3/hr 400
BOT-100 100 Nm3/hr 400 150 Nm3/hr 600
BOT-130 130 Nm3/hr 500 160 Nm3/hr 640
BOT-150 150 Nm3/hr 600 200 Nm3/hr 800
BOT-170 170 Nm3/hr 680 200 Nm3/hr 800
BOT-200 200 Nm3/hr 800 220 Nm3/hr 880
BOT-250 250 Nm3/hr 900 280 Nm3/hr 900
BOT-300 300 Nm3/hr 1200 300 Nm3/hr 1200
BOT-350 350 Nm3/hr 1400 350 Nm3/hr 1400
BOT-400 400 Nm3/hr 1600 400 Nm3/hr 1600
BOT-500 500 Nm3/hr 2000 500 Nm3/hr 2000
BOT-600 600 Nm3/hr 2400 600 Nm3/hr 2400
BOT-800 800 Nm3/hr 3200 800 Nm3/hr 3200
BOT-1000 1000 Nm3/hr 4800 1000 Nm3/hr 4800

* Cylinder is 6-7Cum or 40-47Litres capacity
** Nitrogen is available as second product

Low Pressure Oxypen Plant