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Oxygen Plants

Bhartiya group is the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Industrial cryogenic liquid oxygen plants to Middle East, UK, Latin America and Other part of world from India.

Stainless Steel ASU

We are the only oxygen plants manufacturer in India who is designing and fabricating Air Separation Column made completely of Stainless Steel whereas other Indian manufacturers are still using Copper as base material for fabrication of column. Incidentally, copper for application on ASU has been prohibited in the international market because of their inherent design inadequacy coupled with safety hazards due to impairment of the soldering, brazing and material strength specially at low temperature.

Air Separation Oxygen Plants
Oxygen Plants Controller
Oxygen Air Separation Plants

Special features of Bhartiya's Air Separation Column (Cold Box): Safety Ladder Mounted on Air Separation Unit: This Ladder is a special feature being brought out by Bhartiya Cryogas to facilitate easy loading of perlite into the cold box while ensuring adequate safety for the Operator / the Technical Staff.

Skid Mounted Version

We are providing our oxygen plant skid mounted version (without any extra cost) which is highly thermal efficient and double the strength of conventional material. Due to better efficiency, the operating cost of the total oxygen plant will be much lower than conventional plants as supplied by other manufacturers. In Skid Mounted Version all the equipment from after cooler, cascade cooler to molecular sieve battery are mounted on a skid/platform with all gas lines and water lines, drain manifold so that it is ready and pre-erected for easy and quick installation at customer's site. You require only cables for the connection of switch and panel/motor. Other oxygen plants manufacturers are in India is charging 10-15% extra for skid mounting.

Oxygen Plants Manufacturers India


We supply only standard equipment from either Siemens or Tele mechanique or Merlingery with our oxygen plant, which are world renowned and spares back up, are available readily for these brands, which will assure uninterrupted product support during the life cycle of your prestigious oxygen plant. On the other hand, we are very well aware that our competitors do not quote electricals, switches etc. of these world reputed brands.


As regards oxygen/nitrogen purity testing apparatus, Our offer includes imported digital analyzers with world renowned companies whereas other oxygen plant manufacturers offered you with the electro Chemical cell based analyzer which is going to be inconsistent and erratic in its performance even in single test and therefore are not being recommended.

Oxygen Nitrogen Purity Testing


We have offered our oxygen plants with Bitzer, German, Danfoss, Mitshibushi, and Coopland make refrigeration compressor whereas other manufacturers are offering you local make.

Oxygen Plants Refrigeration Compressor

Auto run of MS Battery (Defrost Heater)

Our MS battery will be auto run and shall be unmanned during heating and cooling cycle due to incorporation of independent electrical control panels. This feature is exclusive about our oxygen plant, which is not available with any contemporary Indian oxygen plants manufacturers.

Electrical Control Panel

The bottomline is that we at Bhartiya Cryogas are supplying all Electrical Panels by incorporating only highest quality approved items as per European/American standards like Alstom, ABB, GEC etc.
Here, we want to assure you that we don’t supply cheap local made unapproved electrical parts being made by some local manufacturers. Whereas we have full knowledge that our competitors are still using these unapproved and somewhat non-standard electrical components thereby the tradeoff is quality vis-à-vis cost.

Oxygen Plants Electrical Panel

Liquid Oxygen Pump

We in Bhartiya Cryogas supply liquid Oxygen Pump (oil free) which is not the case with other Indian oxygen plant manufacturers.

Salient Features and Manufacturing Process

Salient Features of Oxygen Plants

Oxygen Plants india

Our Oxygen/Nitrogen Plants are available in capacities from 30 to 1000 m3/Hr suitable for producing industrial and medical oxygen upto 99.9% purity. Nitrogen is available as a second product from the oxygen plant in approximately four times the quantity of oxygen produced. Standard purity of nitrogen is 96% to 99.5% but are available upto 99.999% also. We supply a wide range of products including oxygen plants, oxygen gas plants, gas plants, nitrogen plants, oxygen gas plants, nitrous oxide plant exporter, nitrous oxide gas plant exporter, real estate, vehicle tenders etc.

Oxygen Plants Manufacturing Process

Oxygen Plants India
Oxygen Plants Manufacturing Process

Compression of Atmospheric Air By Air Compressor

The free saturated air is sucked from atmosphere through a highly efficient dry-type suction filter into the first stage of the horizontal balanced opposed, lubricated reciprocating air compressor. Compressed air is chilled to 12 degree centigrade in a chilling unit at a temperature of 12 degree centigrade to a moisture separator where the condensed moisture gets removed before entering into Molecular Sieve Battery. Before sending the air to MOLECULAR SIEVE BATTERY, air is passed through an OIL ABSORBER where air becomes oil free.

oxygen plant
Oxygen Plants Air Compressor

Purification of Air By Process Skid

Chilled air passes through the Molecular Sieve Battery consisting of Twin Tower packed with Molecular Sieves to remove moisture and Carbon dioxide present in the air. Molecular Sieve Battery operates on Twin Tower System, when one tower is under production the other tower is regenerated by passing waste Nitrogen gas at 200 degC through a reactivation heater. After interval of 8 to 10 hours, the tower under production gets exhausted and regenerated by similar process before use and thus the cycle continues. Any dust particles gets filtered in the DUST FILTER before air enters the AIR SEPARATION COLUMN.

Oxygen Generator Plant
Oxygen Plants Purifier

Cooling of Air By Expansion Engine (Expander)

The process air before liquefication in the air separation unit needs to be cooled to temperatures sub-zero (cryogenic). The main portion of the air after the process skid enters the expansion engine through the heat exchanger no. I after pre-cooling. The temperature of the air drops to around -165degC by the Expander which is a very highly efficient advanced design with Teflon piston rings and completely hydraulic mechanism with leakproof ball valves.

Air Cooling Expansion Engine

Conversion of Liquid Air Into Oxygen And Nitrogen By Air Separation Column

Chilled, Oil free and moisture free air enters into multi-pass HEAT EXCHANGER NO.I where it gets cooled to (-80) degC by cold gained from outgoing waste Nitrogen and Oxygen. A part of air this enters a multi-pass HEAT EXCHANGER NO. II or LIQUIFIER made of special Alloy tubes. This air cools to (-170) degC before passing through an expansion valve. Due to joule Thompson Effect, after the expansion valve, air gets further cooled down and gets liquified before entering into bottom column and is known as rich liquid.

The rich liquid in the bottom column enters into feed tray of top column enters into feed tray of top column. Similarly the liquid nitrogen called POOR LIQUID enters into top column as a reflux & it takes away the latest heat of condensing Oxygen and gets vapourised whereas the liquid Oxygen flows down the trays of the top column into the Condenser passes through a Sub-Cooler to a LO Pump.

oxygen plants Oxygen Nitrogen Plants Manufacturer

Compression/Withdrawal and Filling of Oxygen and Nitrogen

Liquid oxygen pump pumps Liquid Oxygen through heat exchanger no. II and I, where liquid Oxygen gets gasified before filling in Cylinders in the Filling Manifold. The pure bone dry Oxygen gas at ambient temperature and high pressure is filled into Oxygen Cylinders through manifold valves by means of the highly efficient reciprocating LO pump.

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