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Quality & Certificates

We have made tremendous progress in the field of manufacturing highest quality cryogenic Oxygen/Nitrogen and Acetylene plants. We are indeed gifted with some of the finest professionals in this field coupled with an excellent infrastructure. We have built up most modern manufacturing facilities blended with sublime technical expertise. By virtue of these multifaceted potentials, we have established ourselves as the lone manufacturer of 100% liquid cryogenic Oxygen/Nitrogen plants in India and have supplied several plants to our important customers in Middle East and Latin American countries. It is a rare milestone that Bhartiya Cryogas has attained with sheer dedication, commitment and professionalism. As per the existing policy of the company we are renowned for supplying 100% complete plant, equipments and machinery. As a matter of fact it is the motto of our company to establish good, happy and harmonious business relationship of mutual interest with our customer on a long term basis at the foremost.

In this context, I am glad to attach a few Certificates of merit as appended below:

Certificate of Merits